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Can we start again?

Oh! I found it again. Yeah, this blog which I started a year and half ago. I was just thinking can we start again, is it not too late?

What I realized that it fills up space in my life, it makes me smile, it keeps me busy with you guys and make my day. Well these words may sounds different for you now but they are riming in my ears.

So what you say, can we start again?


Thought of God

I am a thought of God, which needs space to grow.
Am I planned or unplanned, I don’t know.
Will I go wild or silent as nose.
Do I mean something to you or nothing at all.
As I just said I am a thought of God!

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Chapter 1 | Part 1 | Birth

Birth is the most beautiful and beginning stage of our life and we should all give our best to have it and yes we all different from each other and are unique & special yet we all are same and …

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