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A Morning Walk

Every day ends up with a sunset and every night ends up with a sunrise

What is the best thing to start our day?

Morning Walk, is the best thing I have experienced and suggests you. A morning walk is best to start our day because it gives you fresh air to breathe. When fresh air goes inside our body it spreads freshness and enthusiasm to our whole body and say “We are ready for the day”, it opens up our mind and allow in and out of thoughts at a good pace. It gives you good feeling to have a wonderful day ahead and no matters what happened yesterday. A morning walk gives you that feeling that cannot be expressed in words and can only be felt. Change of thoughts is essential for life because it helps you to overcome our negative thoughts and helps in having new ideas for our life. Having little exercise also helps in keeping us fit and healthy and having healthy mind is most important to live a life we want. Things are never same it’s natural however if we start our day well then we can end up with a good day.

At last, if we want to live a life we want then we need to have a fresh mind and healthy body and that can be obtained through letting the freshness of environment in our body.



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