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Destination of Life

It doesn’t matter how long it took to reach your destination

We all are here for a reason in this world or era whether its a human being or an animal or a thing, we are here for a purpose. We all start from taking birth and have a destination, the point is to figure out What is our Destination? Some people reach their destination early and some afterward however important thing is to reach our destination.

We all have goals, dreams, moto in our life but beyond all these we have to think What is meaning of living this life? Why we are on this beautiful planet? What is the reason behind this? What happens if I was not what I am today? If we are able to find answers of these questions then definitely we will be able to find our real destination. Destination here means the reason to be in this world and accomplish it, though everyone have their own meaning of describing life and it’s not about what is wrong and right about this. Everything is natural and neutral only our way of thinking and judging things makes right or wrong.

I have a thought in my mind now, that if we ask following two questions to us then it may bring change in our life.

  1. What and Why are we here for?
  2. How our life is helping other to accomplish their destination?





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