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Sea of Life

Life is like a sea, more deep you dives in more moments you will capture.

We do all have as sea, a sea of life and universe. However the truth is the we are just floating onto the water and if need to feel, realize and find reality and want to explore real an auspicious things in our life then we need to dive deep into that sea.

The sea is not plain and clear as it looks like, it have rocks in it’s bay, there are sharks which will make our journey adventurous and little harmful, there are fishes which will excite us throughout our journey, there will be many more things which will give direction to our journey. But the diamonds(marbles) will be found in the bay only. We need to travel to the end to get and experience those diamonds/happiness of our life and when we reach to the end we will be experiencing the most beautiful moments of our life. Though the meaning of life is not just to find happiness and to reach to the end… It means about the whole journey we are having, to live every second of it, to have those moments from our journey that will be remembered for lifetime.

The moments you collect from your journey are the real diamonds of life and achieving them is not the end, infect it’s a part of journey and then our life is going to transform and diving still continues to infinity the universe. Well truth is nothing because nothing is fake. Everything is natural and alive and goes to the infinity.



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