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Dangal is a fight of every man to achieve his Goal against all those who think that he cannot do.

Everyone one of us has a aim to achieve in our life and most of one’s accomplish them. The word Dangal here is used to describe the journey and fight of that every person who fought to achieve their Goal in Life against all those minds who think that it is not possible. Those minds here can be our self, family, community, society or anyone who have never think, heard or seen that thing possible in this world or not wanted it to happen. There are countable many people who had and been doing this irrespective of fear of failing and doing quit. Well some of them we know and many not because how big that Goal meant to us. However the truth is that no Goal is small or big, it can mean big for someone and small for other.

Motive of writing this blog is to enlighten you that if required we must fight for our Goal against all those who don’t want us to achieve it. We should not be worried of failing in fact we must think of how that can bring changes in our life and of others. The path we traveled, hurdles we crossed, fights that we fought and the whole journey makes the fruit sweet and a story of success.

In end, just want to say “Be a fighter and not a coward in your Life and be always ready to say ab to dangal hoga.



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