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A Girl with Beautiful Soul

Beauty has nothing to take with our looks, it’s related with our Soul

Hi Readers, I am back after a time with a new and real story. This is something which I saw and was very touching to me, and I want to share it with you.

It was 6 O’Clock in evening and I was hanging out with my friends and we went to Domino’s to fed our stomach and ordered our food. While our order was in processing, we were talking and laughing with each other and suddenly I noticed something. I saw a beautiful girl of about 25 or 26 years old entering Domino’s talking on cell phone and she directly approach to ordering desk and ordered some pizza. While I was talking with my friends I was also noticing her because something good I was going to see. Meanwhile we got our pizza and started eating it and off-course how could we stop talking and that girl also got her pizza after few minutes. Now what I see, that girl passed half of her pizza to her table on right where two kids were sitting with wearing not good clothes and were untidy. These two kids are beggars, now I remember they were asking for money out on streets there few minutes back. That girl fed them with pizza and offered them soft drink very well and in between she also had her portion finished. I think those kids were eating pizza for first time sitting in Domino’s and can be easily seen on their faces, Happiness was that emotion. After that the girl and those two kids clean their hands and lips and step out of the restaurant. The whole scene was so touching and beautiful that I don’t remember when we were finished with our pizza and went out like nothing happened.

Objective of sharing this story is to tell everyone that there are still good people exist who cares for other and still some nice girls exists. Well I would also like to thank that girl which I didn’t do that time for her nice and caring nature towards other and off-course for feeding those to poor kids very well. What I learnt from this story is that ‘Beauty is not in our face it’s in our soul’, we must make our soul beautiful first.

I would appreciate your input for this story 🙂



A person who loves to write ❤

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