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First Step

It’s all about taking First Step

Well it’s the unknown truth behind every success story and is true. We though have many people, reasons, stories for our success however the truth is that it’s all about starting that thing (or story) and taking the First Step because without starting we would never taste that success. Of-course Hard-work, Persistence, Dedication, Support and many things are reason for a success of any person but if he had not taken that First Step then he would have never reached the place where he is standing today.

Many a times we just don’t have that courage to take that First Step and we remain there only. It happens many a times with me or I say almost everyday. We have lots of fear in our mind because of which we are not able take the First Step. Fear of failing, society, next step etc. but if we think of one reason to success and take the First Step the whole story changes.

I would to say everyone and myself that we should not have fear of taking the First Step we must try and take it once at-least and maybe the story does not remains the same forever.



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