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It’s okay, if you don’t know something

Well it’s totally fine if you don’t know everything. It happens many a times with us when we don’t know something and disappointment takes place. No one has or had complete knowledge of everything in universe, life is not about knowing everything about the world. If you wish to know something which you don’t know you can simply ask for help, intact of getting disappointed and feeling ashamed. Our brain is in a shape that it can be filled with a limited amount of knowledge only. Once it is full, we can gether more knowledge in it once it is empty again, then we can fill with new things and experiences.

Everyone has their own capacity of taking in the knowledge and that can be increased through mental exercise and brain development techniques. We should not be disappointed of having less knowledge then others.

Rather than getting disappointed we must see how we can increase our capacity & taking help and if we cannot do that then let it go because knowing everything will take  us anywhere…..

Please share your thought if you think same or something else 🙂

Your input will encourage me to write more.



A person who loves to write ❤

2 thoughts on “It’s okay, if you don’t know something

    1. Thanks ‘Roseviewlife’ for your input, I am glad you liked my thought (y)
      That’s correct people having less patience end up with disappointments, while having little faith in work and time will lead to success 🙂

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