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Thank You Family <3

What is Valentine’s Day? According to Google, a card sent, often anonymously, on St. Valentine’s Day (February 14) to a person one loves or is attracted to.

Well if we elaborate it, means a day when we thanks a living/non-living things for be the part of our Life by giving them flowers, chocolates, gifts and anything.

Valentine means a subject to whom we love most in our life, that subject can be anyone – for some it may be their girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, siblings, parents, pets, job, a non-living thing like (Umbrella, Cap, etc). It doesn’t matter who is our valentine, the only things matters is that how much you love them back.

Well if I talk about my life it’s my Family (Father, Mother and brother) who is my Valentine. They always loved and supported me all day without demanding anything back. They have always been there when I need them and always loved me most. I would like to thank them for their priceless love and support to me and will make sure that I also love and support them throughout my life and will never leave them.

If there is someone whom you love more than yourself please do send them a message that you still love & will never leave them and spend the day with them.

Happy Valentine’s Day 💖Mom👱 Dad 👨& Brother 👦



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