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I am your Past

I am your History, I am your Memory
I am the one who passes every time, because I am your Past.
You may love me, you may hate me
You may recall me, because I am longer with you.
You may learn from me, you may ignore me
You may forget me, but the truth is you cannot change me.
You may wish me to come back, you may wish me to never come again
You may wish anything, but the truth is I am not your future.
Sometime I bring tears in your eyes,
Sometime I make your lips stretch for a while
Sometimes I make you sad and sometimes you feel nostalgic.
You cannot change me, that’s True
But you can change your present and that depends on you.
People will come, stay and goes out of your Life. It depends on you what you wish to do.
Recall your good memories and don’t let your bad memories ruin your Present and Future.
You cannot change your Past, that’s true but if you wish you can change your future.
Live in Present,  stay Happy, stay Healthy😇

Please do share your thoughts on this, it will help me a lot 😊



A person who loves to write ❤

13 thoughts on “I am your Past

  1. So true… Great Post.. I do believe that most of us give up on life due to our respective past!!
    If we change our perspective on looking at our life and at all the things we can surely make our future a hit..!! Keep Writing…😊😊😇😇

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  2. This reminds of a sunset conversation I had with a simple man. I was coming back from a trek, carrying two bags. One was a big fat backpack resting on my shoulders. Other was my camera bag, tied to the upper torso. I was a backpacker experimenting with photography.
    This man asked me that if my backpack is all about my past baggage and my camera bag is full of my future aspirations, then who is this person standing in the middle of both, the past and the future…

    Years passed, the question looms 🙂

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