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This is the pic from my Childhood ๐Ÿ™‚ which I got from old Photo Albums and makes me nostalgic and happy. How crazy, happy, fearless and carefree I was. I just dream if I could go back to those days and never grow up as of time stops forever and I know that every dream cannot come true in real world but we can feel those days again by being childish again.

Don’t kill the childish personality inside you. Let that child do whatever he wants to do. I know that we are adults and grownup now but we still love our childhood.

I know we cannot get those days back but

we can enjoy and feel those days again if we want to. Just that, we do not have to kill that child inside ourselves and let him rule our mind.

Sometimes just do something which you liked doing in your childhood like rolling on floor and demanding something or spending the whole day with our friends and talking rubbish all time or scrolling on our knees from one place to another or making the highest towers from our toys and etc.

Life is not always same as I see but a little change in attitude can change our mood and mind and we will see things tuning around.

Be crazy, be fearless, be carefree, be happy and be childish sometime.

Share your story about what you like doing in your childhood ๐Ÿ™‚ and what thing makes your childhood memorable.


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