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Why do we celebrate Women’s Day and not Men’s Day

Do you have answer for this? If Yes then please do mention it in the comment box below. If NOT then please read it once and let me know am I right or not…

Well I think all other 364 days are Men’s Day only that’s why we celebrate Women’s Day on 8 March, just to make them feel special. We share post about them, we make them happy that day, we protect them, we ensure that they have everything they desire at least for that day  and Bla Bla Bla!


Do you really think is that enough to make them feel special and let them realize that they exists and are safe, my foot. What about other 364 days, we torture them, we rape them, we make them feel that they are no stronger than men, we tell them to be in homes, we teach them dressing style and we do whatever that makes us to have upper hand over them.

Do you know, Why we don’t have Men’s Day? Even I don’t that however now I can assume that, ‘We don’t need a day to feel special, we don’t need  someone to speak on our independence, we don’t need someone to care about us, we don’t need someone to tell What should we wear?, we don’t need to realize that we still exists. Because we can do whatever we like and love to do everyday. We are Men and we celebrate Women’s Day.


Well I am not educated enough to teach you on what is right and what’s wrong? I just wanted to say that we (Men) don’t need a Men’s Day to feel special and so as Women. Don’t just celebrate Women’s Day to feel her special, Love them and protect them everyday and let them do whatever they want. If they can give birth and carry us for nine months in their belly than they don’t need someone to teach them.

Celebrate like every day is Men’s Day and Women’s Day.

Wish you all Happy W&M Day 🙂



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