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Learning is a Journey, not a Destination.

You will not learn anything, if everything is perfect. Learning is never ending process and can only be achieved by making things perfect and not working with perfect things. As I mentioned earlier Learning is a never ending process however it’s a cycle that roles on and on and never stops. It’s a free motion and is not stopped by any friction. Its like space, you don’t how big it is until you start travelling. Again it’s not a checkpoint or goal you need to cross/achieve actually, we gain it over a period of time in completing our task or we can say in making things perfect.

Well honestly I don’t believe if there exists any perfect definition for Perfect. Everyone has their own, for instance this post may defines perfect for some people and may not for others. Well the word Perfect used in the Title is not related to any dictionary meaning, it is used to define our own’s.

The content of this post may not support the Title however the point I am try to make is sometimes we end-up with our work/thing because nothing is going good or Perfect and is not adding any value to our learning and here our learning stops. Learning is not something related to Perfection and going good. We must continue with our work/things and reach to the end despite of how it is adding value to our learning and here’s the learning process follows and goes on. We must go on making things Perfect and learning goes on….

The Path you travel is your Thought, the Marbles you get is pay of your Hard-work and the Journey you make is Learning.

Hope! we will meet again very soon, finding inspirations to write more, almost lost my confidence.



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