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Love Yourself First

Hi Readers, This time I am back with something New. Love Yourself First.

I felt that to be loved by others and loving someone else one should Love themselves first. It is very important for everyone to love themselves because it helps you to be loved by others more. We should be loved by our-self first than to be loved by someone else. Well before speaking more on this I would like you to understand meaning of Love first.

What is Love? Its a so called process of knowing and being attracted with someone and who makes you happy all time irrespective of what is going around.

Don’t you think what will happen if we stop knowing our-self and stop being attracted by our-self. We will be in a stage of being attracted by everyone and starts hating our-self. To avoid these kinds of situations we must start loving our-self first, we must talk to our-self for at-least 10 minutes a day and should look in mirror and praise our-self daily. Well it’s not all stupid activity to do, it’s a way to Love our-self.

When we love our-self we will be more happier and attractive and will be loved by others as well. Start loving yourself and see how things changes around you and become more beautiful. We are living in a century where we have mere time for our-self, we are so much busy with our life that we don’t have time for ourselves. Spend a little time in a day with the person you are associated since your birth. Love that person most in your life than someone else and rest will happen naturally.

At last I would just like to say,

Love is like Breath, you take in first and then gives out and the process goes on….

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts on this 🙂



A person who loves to write ❤

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