Thought of God

I am a thought of God, which needs space to grow.
Am I planned or unplanned, I don’t know.
Will I go wild or silent as nose.
Do I mean something to you or nothing at all.
As I just said I am a thought of God!

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Keep Moving Ahead

Some days are long, some days are short

you might get a cupcake or nothing at all.


You need to be confident, you have to strong

because the path to the success is very long.


Time is very crucial don’t waste it at all,

  use it well and plan it all.


Don’t be sad or loose your hope at all

because nothing remains ‘same’ at all.


Forget your Past and take the First Step,

plan your future and keep moving ahead.


I know you will succeed, you will do well

 you will shine like a sun in a few days ahead.


Live in present, plan your future ahead

forget your Past and keep moving head.

Your input here will help me a lot! keep reading keep moving ahead👍

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I am your Past

I am your History, I am your Memory
I am the one who passes every time, because I am your Past.
You may love me, you may hate me
You may recall me, because I am longer with you.
You may learn from me, you may ignore me
You may forget me, but the truth is you cannot change me.
You may wish me to come back, you may wish me to never come again
You may wish anything, but the truth is I am not your future.
Sometime I bring tears in your eyes,
Sometime I make your lips stretch for a while
Sometimes I make you sad and sometimes you feel nostalgic.
You cannot change me, that’s True
But you can change your present and that depends on you.
People will come, stay and goes out of your Life. It depends on you what you wish to do.
Recall your good memories and don’t let your bad memories ruin your Present and Future.
You cannot change your Past, that’s true but if you wish you can change your future.
Live in Present,  stay Happy, stay Healthy😇

Please do share your thoughts on this, it will help me a lot 😊

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My Mother (Poem)

They say since God cannot be everywhere at a time that’s why he had made Mother

She is a doctor, she is a cook,

She is a teacher and she is my book.

She is beautiful, she is kind,

She is always there when I need her time.

She is a person who cares for all,

without asking anything at all.

She looks happy, why she is scared,

Why she is quite, What happened to her hair?

She is dying, she is feeling cold,

Now is the time to be with her all.

It is the time to thank her for all,

What ever we are today is because of her all.

She is a daughter, she is a sister,

She is a wife and she is my MOTHER.

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My God (Poem)

A poem written by me, inspired by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


I run and run and run, where is my destination my God

I travel and travel and travel, where is the city of peace my God

I search and search and search, where is the truth my God

I swim and swim and swim, where is the island of hopes my God

I dig and dig and dig, where is the treasure of humanity my God

I beg and beg and beg, where are those kind people my God

May everyone finds their purpose of living in this world my God