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Can we start again?

Oh! I found it again. Yeah, this blog which I started a year and half ago. I was just thinking can we start again, is it not too late?

What I realized that it fills up space in my life, it makes me smile, it keeps me busy with you guys and make my day. Well these words may sounds different for you now but they are riming in my ears.

So what you say, can we start again?

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Chapter 1 | Part 1 | Birth

Birth is the most beautiful and beginning stage of our life and we should all give our best to have it and yes we all different from each other and are unique & special yet we all are same and …

Source: Chapter 1 | Part 1 | Birth

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Unplanned: Thank You WordPress Bloggers

Good After Noon Everyone 🙂 It’s around 12:30 PM in India and sun is very bright toady. I didn’t plan to write this blog however You forced to write this blog. Yes, you (WordPress Bloggers) make up my mind to write this blog.

I started writing Blogs from last week of November 2016 and since then I think I have gained very good experience and thoughts in my Life. I have been reading at least 5-10 blogs daily and they are awesome 😇 WordPress has provided a great platform for all of us. We can easily share our thoughts with each other by just sitting at our home with our PC and Mobile Phones.

I am glad to be part of WordPress that I am able to read great blogs by awesome people around the world. The common thing I noticed in all blogs is that …

“We see things (Living and Non-Living) in same way as we think about them. A little change/modification in thoughts can bring change in how we see them now. We all just need to change our view point (Thoughts) to see them different.”

Thanks to WordPress and of-course to all Bloggers around the world for sharing great blogs everyday 👍 keep writing. I am sharing few of great blogs which I come across in past few days (without any sequence/hierarchy)…

  1. Backwards or Forwards by The Ninth Life
  2. Unique Ways to Reuse Old Candles/ Jars! by roseviewslife
  3. Freedom by eyes + words
  4. Day 17 – Sick Day by Charlotte Cuevas
  5. Indian!!! by Paving Writing
  6. Believe in yourself by Paving Writing
  7. Success by eyes + words
  8. Refreshing Rain by noblethemes
  9. Kiss: Humbly I Came by noblethemes
  10. Jingled! by Quixote’s Kid (My College Friend 🙂 

Not only above but all blogs are awesome, it’s good to be here  👍

Have a Good Day ahead Bloggers 🙂

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy 🙂

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It’s okay, if you don’t know something

Well it’s totally fine if you don’t know everything. It happens many a times with us when we don’t know something and disappointment takes place. No one has or had complete knowledge of everything in universe, life is not about knowing everything about the world. If you wish to know something which you don’t know you can simply ask for help, intact of getting disappointed and feeling ashamed. Our brain is in a shape that it can be filled with a limited amount of knowledge only. Once it is full, we can gether more knowledge in it once it is empty again, then we can fill with new things and experiences.

Everyone has their own capacity of taking in the knowledge and that can be increased through mental exercise and brain development techniques. We should not be disappointed of having less knowledge then others.

Rather than getting disappointed we must see how we can increase our capacity & taking help and if we cannot do that then let it go because knowing everything will take  us anywhere…..

Please share your thought if you think same or something else 🙂

Your input will encourage me to write more.

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A Morning Walk

Every day ends up with a sunset and every night ends up with a sunrise

What is the best thing to start our day?

Morning Walk, is the best thing I have experienced and suggests you. A morning walk is best to start our day because it gives you fresh air to breathe. When fresh air goes inside our body it spreads freshness and enthusiasm to our whole body and say “We are ready for the day”, it opens up our mind and allow in and out of thoughts at a good pace. It gives you good feeling to have a wonderful day ahead and no matters what happened yesterday. A morning walk gives you that feeling that cannot be expressed in words and can only be felt. Change of thoughts is essential for life because it helps you to overcome our negative thoughts and helps in having new ideas for our life. Having little exercise also helps in keeping us fit and healthy and having healthy mind is most important to live a life we want. Things are never same it’s natural however if we start our day well then we can end up with a good day.

At last, if we want to live a life we want then we need to have a fresh mind and healthy body and that can be obtained through letting the freshness of environment in our body.

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Something Valuable

Value of something lies behind the real outcome we want to drive in

We all have must face this in our life in some point or another. Well if I talk about myself when I don’t have something and wanted to have it. I felt like how much important to have it and I would have done this or that if have it and the value comes in. When I finally own that thing and can do what, I wanted to achieve before I don’t know how I end up with doing something else and the value disappears. Why does it happen so? Does it happen with you as well? What you do then?

Well I think if we understand and persist the true meaning and value of ‘Value of Something’ and are fully concerned with our desired outcome then the value of that thing will never disappear.